The Extra Garage Storage

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The Benefits of Covered Storage

Protection from sun and weather Protection from paint oxidation Protects tires from sun damage
Prevent rainwater build-up Prevents rotting of boat covers Protection from vandalism and theft
Protection from wheel rust Extends time between detailing Extends rubber roof life & required maintenance
Prevents water  and chemical spotting Prevents intrusion of rodents, birds or insects

Keeps vandals away from your home

  Helps retain your resale value  

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Large Wide Entrance with Computer Controlled Keypad for Gate Entry

Enclosed Storage Bay     Covered Storage Bay 

Enclosed and Covered Storage Bays to Protect Your Vehicle

Front Gate     Side View

Warehouse design with Firewalls for Security and Safety!



The Safest and Most Secure Storage Facility!



TEG Offers the Most Up-To-Date and Best Value Storage in NC


Convenience for All Your Storage Needs...No Matter How Big or Small

Security PadSecurity Camera

Video Security System with 24 Hour Surveillance

Room Enough to store a FULL SIZE RV

Store your "Motor Mansion" inside!

This RV has room to spare with us

Protect your Investment! Keep It Covered!

Classics need to be well kept

Keep Your classic car sparkling! Keep It Covered at The Extra Garage Storage!

all boats sizes can be accomodated

Make things EASY!!! Keep your boat near the lake not in your neighborhood!”

We can storage all of your recreational vehicles

Relax and Have Fun.  We offer covered protection and security for all your toys.

Large storage needs are not an issue with us

The Bigger The Better. Protected and Covered at The Extra Garage